Portable Cannabis Vaporizers: Trendy High Tech Products

vaporisateurs de cannabis portatifs

Sales of portable weed vaporizers are on the rise in the world in 2018. Made popular with those who want to use ganja in a healthier way. They remain illegal in most countries, but are seen as less harmful by renown addictologists.

“Every time I smoked a joint, I would go back to smoking cigarettes. During a trip to the United States last year, I found and purchased a dry herb vaporizer. It may sound strange, but it has allowed me to smoke healthily ever since.”

But what are these high tech products?

An alternative to the traditional joint you smoke. With these types of devices, no combustion or even smoke. Cannabis herb is heated to at least 375°F to help it releasing it’s agents through the creation of vapor.

Very fashionable in the United States

“Today, people want to inhale clean and eat healthy,” assures a coffee shop owner interviewed last week in Amsterdam Holland. Many want to adopt it and give up electronic cigarettes, which they find too toxic. On the Internet and in our shop, we sell up to 10 to 20 a day,” he adds.

How does a vaporizer work?

These devices, are very popular in the United States, are used in clinics in Germany, Israel, or Switzerland, and countries that have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, in the form of CBD, a hemp molecule, to calm anxiety and pain.

What is a portable vaporizer?

fill in your bowlIt is a device that heats enough vegetable matter to evaporate the active principle or essential oil to then be able to inhale it, but that will not heat it enough to trigger combustion (cellulose, the main component of vegetable matter burns at around 445°, but THC evaporates at + or – 320°). It is the combustion which releases a whole pile of toxic and carcinogenic substances by emitting a thick, irritating and malodorous smoke.

The vaporizer is a kind of mini furnace of precision which will allow you to extract essential oils, or active principles of a plant in the form of vapor and thus avoiding you to absorbing a great part of the toxic substances due to the combustion. The taste of the vaporized plant will be much better than when it is burned.

There are desktop vaporizers available such as the famous Volcano or portable vaporizers such as the DaVinci IQ, the Mighty, Crafty or Firefly 2. Visit this page to know more www.cannavapos.fr/vaporisateurs-portables/!

Some look like e-cigs, others fit in the palm of your hand. Prices vary from 50 to 500 $ and more for medical desktop models.

Vaporizing is less toxic than combustion

“When you smoke herbs mixed with tobacco, you swallow tar, heavy metals, carbon monoxide,” says a head representative of the Norml association, which campaigns for governments to easy on cannabis regulations in Europe. On their website, they advise the use of vaporizers rather than the use of regular joints harmful to your lungs.

The advantages of a dry herb vaporizer

  1. Cleanliness / hygiene: no combustion = no ashes or persistent odours on clothes or skin.
  2. Discretion: no combustion = a little discreet steam instead of a thick smoke = no smell or almost.
  3. Well-being / health: no burning, no irritating smoke, much less tar, and much less toxic gas = no bad taste in your mouth, more breathing and lung capacity, less chronic irritation and cough or other potential disease.
  4. Savings: no more leaves and cigarettes to buy, less material used for the same result.
  5. Taste: without combustion the taste of the plant is not altered and is much better.

One thing is certain, it is not by chance that all therapists advise the use of medical cannabis, either in the form of concentrated oil or dye to ingest, or in the form of steam to inhale, because these are the two safest methods according to them.

Here is an exemple of a vaporizer: