Holidays: 5 tips to disconnect from your smartphone

disconnect phone on holidays

You’re going on vacation in the next few days, and of course, you’ll take your trusted smartphone with you. Until then, no problem. Except you won’t get away with it because you’re so addicted to your phone! Discover our tips on how to intelligently disconnect from your little handheld computer!

Between Facebook, emails and SMS, you are spending a lot of time on your smartphone. In the morning you consult social networks, in the afternoon you discuss WhatsApp, and in the evening you do all kinds of addictive activities.

Smartphones are addictive. You use as a camera, a notebook, a walkman, a game console and much more. Except now you’re going on vacation, so it’s time to take a break from the screen. How are you going to avoid temptation?

  • Deactivate notifications on your smartphone

Just like looking at your friends’ holiday photos on social networks won’t do you any good because you’re on holiday yourself! So please disconnect from all this and enjoy your trip! The fewer notifications you see on the screen, the less likely you are to click on them.

  • Disconnect your company’s mailbox

To avoid being bothered by emails from your colleagues, bosses or clients, don’t hesitate to disconnect your inbox before leaving. This way, you won’t be tempted to check your latest emails regularly. More generally, you will no longer have any awareness of what is happening at work while you are away! And that’s the purpose of the holidays.

  • Dare to use the airplane mode

If you want to disconnect completely, there’s a much more radical solution. Not everyone will dare to do it, but it’s very efficient. And it will also increase the autonomy of your smartphone: put it in airplane mode, you still can take pictures and listen to music (even in Spotify if you have a paid subscription), on the other hand, you cut all your connections, and the battery stops running out for nothing.

  • Enable automatic replies for emails

It is so easy to avoid clients sending emails while making the recipient of the message want to call you. Activate an automated response. All email clients let you do this whether you’re using Gmail or Outlook. To do this, define your message and a start and end date.

  • Don’t take your smartphone with you everywhere

You’re on vacation, so there are many places where your smartphone won’t do you any good. You weren’t planning on swimming with him, were you? No matter how waterproof your smartphone is, vacations are sacred. And even if it’s waterproof, you could damage it on the beach because of the sand or even worse if it’s stolen.