Huawei P30 Pro, the best camera on the market

Competing with the Galaxy S10+ and iPhone XS Max, Huawei’s new high-end smartphone is a complete success. The Chinese manufacturer has become the market reference for the quality of the photos of its cameras.

The P30 Pro was immediately placed at the top of the list of the best cameras right from the start. A very high-end model that can replace an authentic digital camera.

What does it replace?

The Huawei P30 Pro is the logical replacement for the P20 Pro. The difference in performance is not revolutionary, but the P30 Pro has many exciting improvements. At the screen level, we go from a 6.1-inch display to a curved 6.47-inch display. Also, the notch is reduced to a simple drop of water, and the screen directly incorporates fingerprint reader and speakerphone for calls. It now includes the 40-watt fast charge, compared to 22.5 watts for the P20 Pro, and even offers reverse charging so that you can charge your earphones or another smartphone.

It also gains in power, with a Kirin 980 and 8GB of RAM, compared to a Kirin 970 and 6GB. The camera is improved with, in particular, the presence of the ToF camera and the SuperSpectrum sensor, allowing it to obtain a score of 112 points in the DxOMark ranking, compared to 109 for the P20 Pro, which was, however, the first in the ranking at its release.

The Promise: Changing the Rules of Photography

With its slogan for its P30 range “Change the rules of photography,” Huawei is aiming for the top of the podium for smartphone cameras. According to the DxOMark site, which rates devices following extensive testing, the P30 Pro scores 112, making it the number one smartphone on the market. Huawei can also boast about the performance of his cameras in terms of photography since he occupies the top three places.

The camera also offers 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom. Huawei achieved this performance by using a periscopic telephoto lens: he increases the focal length by aiming the sensor at the side, and by using a mirror, to obtain a focal length equivalent to 125 mm.

The killer option: the ToF camera

The presence of the ToF camera, or time of flight, adds a new dimension to the picture, and this, in a rather literal way. It is a camera capable of measuring objects in 3D, sending a beam of light invisible to the human eye, and then measuring the time it takes to return to the sensor. It indicates the distance from the object.

Combined with the camera, it allows specific effects, including the portrait mode of the P30 Pro. By measuring the distance from the objects in the image, it can create a more realistic bokeh effect. In augmented reality use, it can measure objects on the screen, or place virtual objects so that they appear with the exact size and correctly positioned over the image of the real world.