Which WordPress theme for your future website?

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You want to create a website, good idea; I’m here! However, you don’t know which theme to select?

Some ways to help you find a design theme without ruining yourself!

WordPress is a content management system that is easy to administer even for neophytes.

About 33% of websites in the world are created with WordPress.

Beforehand, define your needs to present your activity and think about the content available in the pages. Sometimes inspiration is also found after visualizing a series of themes.

First option: a free theme.

paid wp themeYou can search for themes directly accessible through the WordPress back office (site administration).

Go to Appearance then themes. Click on the “add” button. A wide choice of free design and responsive themes is offered to you among those “put forward,” “popular” or “last put online.” Some premium themes are subject to a fee. You can preview the theme and get an idea of what your future website might look like.

My future customers will have access to these features from a showcase site and can choose a theme or view my selection before making a final choice.

Second option: Search for a theme on the internet.

The themes proposed by a multitude of sites are for the most part paying.
ThemeForest offers a wide variety of themes selected by category. A preview feature is available. The choice is so vast that you will be spoilt for choice. The average price of a theme is 50$.

Other sites: beauthemes.com, Woothemes, templatemonster.com or Studiopress.

The third solution: find a site you like and search for the name of the theme.

If you like the website you are visiting, it may or may not be a WordPress site.
If this is the case, you will know it with this tool “What WordPress Theme Is That “which will allow you to know the name of the theme used.

Of course, each theme is customizable, and by changing the graphic charter, logo, content, font…the result will be different. Only the structure of the site will be identical.

Today, however, the themes are similar and have similar characteristics. As with fashion clothing, there are fashions that web designers follow. There are many “one page” or “parallax” themes; the whole site takes place on the same page but on a different background and responsive themes that offer more or less the same presentation of your content. Here is an example of a parallax theme: Test Manufacture.

However, don’t forget the 3 pillars that contribute to the success of a website :

– Your site must be well structured so that search engines index it.

– Its content must be relevant and contain keywords.

– External links must point to your site to make it better known.

A website is not just about putting photos and text on pages. For a site to reach your target and be profitable, you need professional advice to help you follow these 3 pillars. Contact me and let’s talk about it together.