Responsive web designs: What’s at stakes

In 2017, web traffic originating from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) has officially outgrown desktop traffic (from regular desktop PCs) in the world. Google just announced that their mobile index first algorithm was now in motion, so I thought it would be the perfect time to talk to you about responsive or mobile web designs.

First, what is responsive design?

Perhaps you are looking at this article from your tablet or smartphone?

You do not need either to reduce the text size with your little fingers so that it is fully visible on your screen. Alternatively, you don’t need to zoom in on text and scroll from right to left and left to right like when your eyes follow the course of a ball on a tennis court?

Not very good for the user, you’ll agree…

Well, that’s responsive design. A page that adapts to the size of your screen, whatever it is: smartphone, tablet, PC… no need to do all these manipulations to read text comfortably.

Of course, this requires adapting its design to all screen sizes, texts, images, the layout of page elements… However, when you know that smartphone internet traffic has doubled in a year, that smartphone market share will exceed 20% this year, and that mobile screen consultation is about to exceed that on PC, there is a real issue to consider.

So the future?

We will have larger and larger screens, PC monitors and TV screens; smartphones almost as large as mini tablets and tiny screens like connected watches.

In short, there will be screens everywhere and all the time and the challenge will be to adapt to all types of media.

So for your next website or your current website, think about responsive design!


It is CRITICAL for your business to have a mobile responsive version of your website. Combined with a local SEO strategy and Google maps rankings domination, this is a very powerful thing for your business.

Do not neglect mobile or tablet traffic or you will lose a lot of business and sales to your competition!

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