CONCERTO FOR SHIT, It's Shit that Rules!
Where "Concerto for Shit" explains the notion of shit and expresses its behaviors in sound, sight and smell by romantizing with Shit musically, showing just how shit can be teased and empowered. "It's Shit that Rules!" goes beyond its intrinsic properties by portraying the universality and importance of shit thus revealing the identity, equality and immortality of living beings. The combined sites consist of 85 htmls, 20 sound files, 100 images, 8 paintings and 10 poems. The site educates and manifests the power of shit via nature and culture through the virtual world -- the odor free cyberspace!

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY. A true multimedia site that expresses the rudimentary human behavior, the human arrogance, ego and basic instinct -- love, all encapsulated in 88 htmls and 100 images with running text and arresting dialogs, thus conveying the subtlety and shades of the "doers versus talkers" syndrome in everyday office politics. The artist hopes to impart the nobility and value of humility to achieve political-socio-cultural-interdisplinary harmony and balance achievement and progress globally through the virtual world.

Concerto for Shit, It's Shit that Rules! and Games People Play are Web art created by Lin Hsin Hsin constructed with a fresh new perspective in contents and presentation style. Through the artist's highly imaginative and whimsical visualization, all images are digitally hand-painted by the artist using only a two-button mouse -- completely done without scanning, no cut and paste, no warp and no morph. They are representation of Hsin Hsin's unique digital creation as in paintings, Chinese calligraphy and objects from her collection of 1,000 digital works.
While the poem-based Concerto for Shit and It's Shit that Rules! can be navigated stanza by stanza, Web audience simply sit back and relax to view the gif animated and pure Javascripted HTML Web play titled Games People Play. They manifest Hsin Hsin's statement about art and technology: Art Requires Technology, Technology Redefines Art.


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