About virtual worlds

Welcome to my blog dedicated to new technologies

In this blog, I mainly share information about social networks, new tech products, new Internet trends, SEO and webmarketing .

It is targeting all those who are interested in the challenges of communication on the web and new technologies, without the need for being a total nerd.

That’s it, I’d say. After a few weeks of work, design and development, it is time to present my brand new website dedicated to promoting my professional activities and my blog and content, dedicated to new technologies and their places in our daily lives.

About Damian

damian pierceGraduated in multimedia application development, with a solid technical knowledge, I have a significant experience in web business with a major in project management, website development and SEO.

From my previous career in the Finance world, I acquired a solid experience in B2B and B2C sales and management information systems (notably transport), having also worked for several years with tour operators and then joined publishers dedicated to tourism players, as a functional consultant.

I am passionate about new technologies. I designed this professional website entirely. I run a news blog on the theme of new technologies and their impact on our daily lives. Within the framework of my activity as an independent, I propose services of creation of Internet websites and search engine optimisation.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions!

Additional info

This blog is not specifically dedicated to nerds. It is welcoming all those who wish to stay informed on the topic of digital news. Our modern world is progressing at a lightning speed and it is flagrant to me that more and more people are overwhelmed by these technological challenges.
And because today it seems unimaginable to us not to be at the forefront of progress and not to evolve in our daily lives without some indispensable tools that make our lives easier: such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and social networks (twitter, tumblr, youtube…) I will not list them all, they are so many…

It is not a question of falling into excess and I can already hear the detractors of exacerbated consumerism and dependence on technology.

I’m not a nerd so to speak and I don’t own the latest smartphone, tablet or other high tech devices.